SimPlant® Planner/Facilitate Software 
  • Place implants using a library of implant companies

  • HU Statistics

  • Precise measurements

  • Placement and drawing of the mandibular nerve

  • Sinus lift

  • Bone graft

  • Slice bone to view structure

  • Hounsfield units

  • Change panoramic CT images into panoramic x-ray images


Click here to download SimPlant Viewer Program



Advanced Dental Imaging is a Master SimPlant® Facility.  Using our Master SimPlant® software, we are able to reformat imagery directly into your SimPlant® Planner/Facilitate™ Software program.  This is done at our facility at no additional cost to you or your patient!


Sample Images

(click image to enlarge)

Panoramic CT image

Panoramic CT converted
to x-Ray